Jimmy Pedro Grip Like A World Champion Manual


Jimmy Pedro, Judo World Champion, 2-time Bronze Medallist ,and one of world's most studied and best grip fighters has put together a booklet to share and teach you what it took him years of training, travelling, refining to learn. By simply following the step-by-step directions, students and coaches will find it easy to develop world-class grip fighting skills.

Training Guide Features:

  • Insight into gripping sequences and tactics
  • Prevent yourself from being thrown
  • How to dominate your opponent
  • Outmaneuver opponents that are bigger, heavier, and stronger than you
  • Learn how to coach gripping and grip fighting to your students


Jimmy Pedro is by far the best gripper...
"Jimmy Pedro is by far the best gripper that the United States has ever produced. He's a gripfighting genius! I moved to Massachusetts just so I could improve my gripfighting and my newaza. He's retired and he's still sharp as a tack."
Rick Hawn, 2004 Olympian, US National Champion

This has created two classes of Judoka..."
"I have watched the DVD set and consider it a must-have set. The majority of judoka in North America do not have a coach that has the knowledge to systematically and technically impart the techniques of grip fighting. While most have us have been taught the tache-waza and ne-waza of Judo, most of us haven't been taught to play the game. This has created two classes of Judoka - Those who think they know Judo and those who know Judo. This set has unlocked the missing component of my Judo game and furthermore, when I'm done competing, I'm going to have the knowledge to teach Judoka how to compete."
Hasan Alvi

Jimmy Pedro Grip Like A World Champion Manual