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The History of Hatashita

The history of Hatashita Enterprises is largely of its founder Frank Hatashita, whose legacy is carried on by his daughter Lia Hatashita. Frank, who passed away in 1996, is regarded as one of the most influential Martial Arts figures of the 20th century.

Lia is a very familiar presence at most USA Judo events. Her devotion to Martial Arts and her marketing experience have combined to make Hatashita the preferred supplier of Uniforms in the US . The company was the very first customer of Mizuno outside Japan--this was in the early 1960s and it continues to lead the way in offering the widest selection of top brands Mizuno and Fuji.


The company has grown to importing and exporting worldwide, the Fuji and Isami Brands. These, together with Mizuno are the most favored and respected brands because they are original and with unsurpassed quality.

Hatashita also represents other companies and such as Fighting Films, Jimmy Pedro's products, Kayla Harrison and is continually expanding to bring you useful, sound, interesting, innovative, and quality products to enhance your art and sport in many different ways.

We are involved and committed in supporting the community of players who are dedicated and aspire to reach their goals whatever they may be: from local academies and clubs in small communities or those who want to be future Olympians. Another testament of the company’s commitment to sport is it’s hiring practice of martial artists. World renown Jimmy Pedro has partnered with the company to help further the company’s efforts to provide great products to athletes everywhere. Jimmy’s legacy is his very long success at a very high level of competition - competing in 4 Olympics, medalling in 2, and winning the world championships. Today, Jimmy coaches Olympians including Gold Medal Kayla Harrison and will be seen in the coaches chair in Rio and Olympics beyond.

We believe in sport and martial arts as an important part of life and are dedicated to sports enthusiasts.

The Legacy of the Founder

At the Pan American Judo Union meetings earlier this month in PuertoRico, Frank Hatashita, 8th Dan (1919-1996), was voted into the 2005 PJU Hall of Fame.

Frank's daughter, Lia Hatashita, is a familiar presence at most USA Judo events, offering judo-related merchandise marketed by her company, Hatashita International. USA Judo offers its congratulations to the entire Hatashita family on this great honor.

Mr. Frank Hatashita devoted his life to Judo and was an exceptional man meeting the requirements of admission to the Hall of Fame by participating in each of the areas of Judo: competitor, teacher, referee, coach, leader, and buildinger/administrator.

Frank Hatashita started to practice Judo in 1927, at the age of years. He was promoted to Shodan at the age of 15 years which was inconceivable in the first years of the Judo in North America.

Mr. Hatashita opened his own dojo and was instrumental in opening about 100 judo clubs throughout Canada, thus spreading the sport throughout the country. He went on the teach and promote hundreds of black belts and created one of the strongest team of competitors in North America.

The activities of Mr. Hatashita were not limited to Canada. He was elected the fifth president of the Pan-American Judo Union in 1963. He was a staunch supporter of the PJU and an influential, effective, an dynamic leader, and with effective lobbying he was able to bring Judo into the Pan American Games for the first time.

Another milestone was as an official delegate to the IJF, and as IJF Vice-President, he was instrumental in getting a resolution passed which changed Judo - Judo's acceptance as an Olympic Sport - debuting in Tokyo in 1964.

Mr. Hatashita is remembered for his outstanding, unfailing, and powerful "kiai," that carried him through his own life and which he was able to bestow upon all those with which he came into contact.

Frank Hatashita's Career Highlights

  • 18 years (9 terms) as President of Judo Canada
  • 8 years (4 terms) as President of PJU (Pan American Judo Union)
  • 3 terms as Vice President of the IJF (International Judo Federation)
  • IJF Referee
  • Pacific Rim founding organizer
  • Director of Canadian Olympic Association
  • 1964 Olympic Games: Coach of Doug Rogers, silver medallist
  • Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame (1974)
  • 3 time Canadian Champion
  • Hatashita Dojo; owner of Toronto dojo for 47 years
  • Government of Ontario Achievement Award
  • Introduced Judo in the Pam Am Games in 1967, and Olympic Games in 1964
  • One of the first North American born recipients of Kodokan 8th Dan

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