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Birth Date: 3/9/1985
Home Town: Tokyo, Japan
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
Gym: Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo

At first glance you would probably think Koji Ando was a welterweight. A judo standout in high school, “The Commander” uses his massive frame and slick judo throws to get his opponents to the ground, where he often unleashes a vicious brand of ground and pound. He is the Legend FC lightweight champion.

Notable wins:
• TKO win over K-1 & Sengoku veteran Jadamba, who hasn't been beaten since 2006
• Win over Woo Sung Yu

How I train

On a training day, I'll start my morning with a protein drink and banana. From here, I'll either go for run or do some striking and conditioning training, and also teach judo to younger kids. 
In the evening, but depending on the day, I'll train in kickboxing, judo, wrestling or MMA sparring. On Saturdays and Sundays, I'll coach MMA before I start training. 

What I use


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