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Birth Date: 2/28/1986
Home Town: Tacoma, WA
Sport: Judo & BJJ
Gym: Pedro’s Judo – NYAC – Team FORCE – Renzo Gracie - FUJI Gym
Travis Stevens has been dubbed the "Olympic Warrior” since his semi-final match at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Since then Travis has been feared at International Judo competition around the globe. Known for his rigorous training regiment, Travis truly embodies the mental drive and passion to be a true champion on and off the mat. In 2016, after many injuries and set backs, Travis never lost his vision of becoming an Olympic Medalist. After dominating the world #1 ranked athletes in the semi final match, Travis made his way to the Finals of the Olympic Games where he ultimately took home the silver medal.
Travis currently holds a black belt in both Judo & BJJ. Along with his full-time training schedule, Travis is involved with two BJJ schools; one in Wakefield, MA and the other in Fort Lee, NJ.
Since officially retiring from competition, Travis focuses on coaching up-and-coming USA Judo athletes looking to pursue their Olympic Dreams at Pedro's Judo Center. He also teaches full time at his school, FUJI Gym.
• 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist
• Three Time US Olympian (’08, ’12, '16)
• Seven Time World Team Member (’07, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’13, ‘14 &'15)
• Two Time Pan American Medalist
• 2x Pan American Games Gold Medalist
• Multiple time Grand Prix, Grand Slam and Continental Open Medalist
• Currently Ranked Top 10 in the World for Judo
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