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Tricky Ouchi Gari by Travis Stevens

judo | 2018-10-03

The Tricky O-ouchi gari can be a really great defense to have in your back pocket. But let's set the scene first. Has this ever happened to you? You're going up against an opponent and you're feeling really confident. But then...they just keep on out gripping you at every turn and at every opportunity. No matter how good you get at judo, you will always run into situations where you get out gripped. It happens to the best of the best and there is nothing you can do about it.

Instead of banging your head against a wall when you encounter that situation, make sure you have an answer before you ever step onto the mats. Meaning prepare for all possible scenarios, so you're never surprised by anyone.

Tricky is Right

The hard part about the tricky O-ouchi Gari concept is the knowledge that you lost your position due to you making a mistake. Instead of your opponent making a good move that caused you to lose the position. When judo players make mistakes, they try to learn how to fight out of bad positions. That same methodology becomes how they train. Let's put that mentality to bed. Learn how to fight to not get put into disadvantageous positions. That will save you from fighting your way out of them 100 percent of the time. Ultimately, this will allow you to focus on scoring from grips and situations that have a high degree of scoring because you are not in a losing position to start with.

The tricky O-ouchi gari is focused on making sure you avoid bad positions. It is also a great way to stop an opponent from grabbing your neck throughout the rest of the match. This will, in turn, make the match a lot easier for you. Without further ado, let's get into the meat and potatoes of the tricky Ouchi gari.

Key Details
  1. Make sure your head is making their arm "heavy." That means pressure and that means effort. It will shut down any chance of them countering.

  2. Get a solid post on the hip. A solid grip on the belt is key to engaging this properly.

  3. Square off like you would on a normal O-uchi Gari. You have to square off to your opponent to fully execute.

  4. Drive through and smash your opponent to the mat. Drive. Don't lift. That's important!

A Final Thought

There is an age old saying that goes: when fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Preparation is key in all facets of life. Judo is no exception. From mental to lifting, to nutrition and beyond, preparation should surround you. Preparing your responses to a wide variety of scenarios on the mats should absolutely be a major focus of your training.

Proactivity will always prevail over reactivity too. So when you're on the mats, it is better to be proactive in shutting down your opponents from advantageous positioning. Rather than reactive in bad positioning, your opponent has put you through. The tricky O-ouchi gari is a way to be proactive. So learn it inside and out and use it before it uses you!


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