Mizuno BIOGEAR Knee Brace, #31103

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Mizuno BIOGEAR Knee Brace pushes the boundaries of engineering by utilizing Biogear Technology and Dynamotion Fit to create an athletic support equipment of the highest level.   

Mizuno’s BIOGEAR Technology

Mizuno’s BIOGEAR is based on in-depth scientific research into the human exercise physiology and biomechanics. It helps to maintain body balance, improve performance and reduce the fatigue of muscles and joints during sport by controlling stretch, pressure and shape.

Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit

Dynamotion Fit was created by utilizing advanced 3D mapping motion capture and biomechanics technology. The movements from different sports were analyzed using computer graphics to focus on the body’s natural mobility during exercise. It will adjust with movement by controlling pulling and pressure in certain critical positions to provide a secure fit that also allows the maintain a free range of movement.


  • Stabilization, Protection, and Ligament Support
  • Lightweight, breathable design
  • Adjustable level of support
  • Open type design
  • Non-slip rubber

Warning: Do NOT use on open wounds, boils, or rashes. Only use this product on knee joint.

Mizuno BIOGEAR Knee Brace, #31103