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Mizuno has been producing judo apparel since 1964 and our brand has experience of more than 50 years with developing judo products. As a japanese brand judo lies in our countries heritage. We continuously challenge ourselves to innovate products that enable our athletes to challenge themselves to even greater performances. We seek the best materials to provide comfort and durability. We take great care and accuracy to produce excellent and high quality products. We combine traditional craftmanship and performance innovation such as 3D modelisation to create unique judogis. Watch our full story on how it all began below!

What The Pros Wear

2x Olympian Angie Delgado - Hatashita Athlete - @jujiangie52

Mizuno Yusho Comp Judo Gi Sale price$229.00
Mizuno Deluxe Black BeltMizuno Deluxe Black Belt
Mizuno Deluxe Black Belt Sale price$69.00
IJF Approved




1 - 7 including half sizes

1 - 7 including half sizes


Polyester 20%, Cotton 80%

100% Natural Cotton - Satin Fabric


Traditional Rice Weave fabric

Belt Width: 47mm