2024 Pan American-Oceania Championships Event Recap

2024 Pan American-Oceania Championships Event Recap

Team USA Brings Home Medals At All Levels Of Competition

April 22 - 24th was the home of the 2024 Pan American and Oceania Championships for Cadet, Junior, and Senior level players im Brazil. Beginning with a preview of the Cadets, Anthony Farnot (Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center) and Daniel Liubimovski (Colton Brown Training Center) won the 73 kg and 90 kg titles in 2023. 

Junior players to be on the lookout for include Dominic Rodriguez (NYAC / Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center), Daniel Liubmovski, Shavon Gonzalez (USA Judo National Resident Training Center Team), and Emily Jaspe (Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center). 

Dominic Rodriguez won Senior Pan Ams in 2022 at just 17 years old at the -73kg category. He also holds three Cadet Pan Am titles and is seeking a top position on the podium in this year's junior event. Daniel Liubmovski is one of three players to compete at both the Cadet and Junior level events for Team USA. Shavon Gonzalez won bronze medals at the 2022, 2023, and is looking for her third junior Pan Am medal this year. Emily Jaspe finished with a bronze in 2022 and 2023 with her eyes set on gold this year. 

Cadet Results

The Cadet Pan-Ams saw a total of 15 members of USA Judo finish in the top 5 of their respective weight category. Of those 15, 13 of them found themselves on the podium. Henry Parsadanian (-55kg) finished with a third place finish, Maila Manibog (-44kg) brought home a silver medal, and Jonathan Yang (-60kg) took home the top spot with a gold medal finish! Additionally, Alexander Prado (-66kg) and Aubrey Genereux (-52kg) both bring home a bronze medal. The -73kg category saw Team USA take the top two spots at the podium with Anthony Farnot finishing first and Heinrich Hanada taking second place. Two more gold medals finishes for Daniel Shulgin (-81kg) and Jayda Fulp (-63kg). Wrapping things up for the Cadets was Kayla Johnston (-70kg) and Mackenzie Shultz (+70kg) with bronze medal finishes. Kanta Ueyama and Daniel Liubimovski also finished second and third respectively in the +90 kg category!

Junior Results

Team USA Juniors brought home a total of 12 medals at the conclusion of the event. Christopher Velazco (-60kg), Emily Jaspe (-63kg), Dominic Rodriguez (-81kg), Oleksandr Nyzhnyk (-90kg), and Daniel Liubimovski (-100kg) all finished with the top spot on the podium in their respective weight categories. The lone second place finish for Team USA was earned by Nancy Nguyen (-70kg). A total of 6 bronze medals finishes to wrap things up for the juniors. Those podium finishes were held by Jonathan Yang (-60kg), Harlee Hiller (-52kg), Nicole Cancela (-57kg), Jacob Yang (-66kg), Shavon Gonzalez (-70kg), and Mackenzie Shultz (-78kg).

Senior Results

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games is right around the corner and there were valuable Olympic qualification points on the line at this year's installment of the Senior Pan American - Oceania Championships. David Terao (-60kg) kicked things off for the Senior Competitors with a hot start by earning a second-place finish. Maria Laborde (-48kg) earned the first of two bronze medals for Team USA Women. Angie Delgado (-52kg) took a silver medal and Mariah Holguin (-57kg) took home the second bronze medal of the day. John Jayne (-90kg) wraps things up for Team USA with a silver medal.

With the Olympic Games right around the corner, every tournament and match has an increasing weight for those on the cusp of Olympic qualification. Every point matters. 

Congratulations to all of the Team USA Judo members who competed at this year's Pan American - Oceania Championships. We look forward to seeing you back on the tatami sooner rather than later!

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