Chasing Dreams: Team USA and Hatashita Sponsored Athletes at the 2024 World Judo Championships

Chasing Dreams: Team USA and Hatashita Sponsored Athletes at the 2024 World Judo Championships

The 2024 World Judo Championships in Abu Dhabi promise to be an exhilarating event, bringing together 676 athletes from 109 countries. This prestigious competition is not only a chance for judokas to vie for the coveted World Title but also an opportunity to earn crucial points for the World Ranking List, which will impact their seeding at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. As the judo community eagerly anticipates these Championships, athletes are ready to showcase their skills, determination, and strategic prowess on this global stage.

Among the competitors, our sponsored athletes are gearing up to make their mark. Christopher Velazco, Jack Yonezuka, Maria Laborde, Angelica Delgado, Hannah Martin, and Kristine Jimenez from Panama have all demonstrated remarkable performances in recent competitions. Their achievements reflect their dedication and readiness to take on the world's best judokas. As they prepare to compete, we are optimistic about their potential to excel and make significant strides toward Olympic qualification.

Christopher Velazco (-60kg)

Christopher Velazco has been making waves in the judo world with his dynamic style and relentless determination. Recently, he secured a silver medal at the 2023 Pan American Championships, showcasing his readiness for the global stage. As he heads into the 2024 World Judo Championships, Christopher is poised to leverage his recent success and continue his ascent in the rankings. His agility and strategic prowess make him a strong contender for a top spot, and we're excited to see him compete in Abu Dhabi.

Jack Yonezuka (-73kg)

Jack Yonezuka has had an impressive year, capturing bronze at the 2023 Grand Slam in Tel Aviv and demonstrating his consistency on the mat. His technical skill and competitive spirit have earned him a reputation as one of the most formidable judokas in his weight class. As he prepares for the World Championships, Jack's recent performances suggest he's in prime form to challenge for a medal. His focus and dedication are sure to make him a standout in the competition.

Maria Laborde (-48kg)

Maria Laborde has proven herself to be a fierce competitor, most recently clinching a gold medal at the 2023 Pan American Open. Her strength and tactical intelligence have been key to her success, and she's ready to bring that same intensity to the World Judo Championships. With her eyes set on a top finish, Maria's recent victories have set the stage for what promises to be a thrilling performance in Abu Dhabi.

Angelica Delgado (-52kg)

Angelica Delgado continues to be a powerhouse in the -52kg category, with her most recent achievement being a bronze medal at the 2023 Grand Prix in Tashkent. Her resilience and tenacity have been evident throughout her career, and she heads to the World Championships with high expectations. Angelica's consistent track record and recent podium finish position her as a strong contender for a top ranking, and her determination will be a key factor in her success.

Hannah Martin (-63kg)

Hannah Martin has been a beacon of excellence, recently winning silver at the 2023 European Open. Her dynamic approach and strategic acumen have made her a formidable opponent in the -63kg category. As she gears up for the World Championships, Hannah's recent form suggests she is more than ready to take on the best in the world. Her drive and commitment to the sport are sure to inspire and yield impressive results in Abu Dhabi.

Kristine Jimenez (-52kg) from Panama

Kristine Jimenez from Panama has been making her mark on the international judo scene, with a notable bronze medal finish at the 2023 Pan American Championships. Her technical skills and competitive edge have earned her recognition and respect in the judo community. As she prepares for the World Championships, Kristine's recent performances indicate she is well-prepared to compete at the highest level. Her journey and achievements are a testament to her hard work and dedication, and we look forward to her showing in Abu Dhabi.

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We are incredibly proud of our athletes and look forward to their outstanding performances at the World Judo Championships. Go Team USA and Team Hatashita!

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