Triumph & Determination: Athletes Shine at the 2024 World Judo Championships

Triumph & Determination: Athletes Shine at the 2024 World Judo Championships

The 2024 World Judo Championships in Abu Dhabi showcased incredible talent and determination from our sponsored athletes, marking a thrilling conclusion to the last qualifying event for the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. Each athlete’s performance highlighted their dedication, skill, and the spirit of judo, setting a positive and optimistic tone as we look forward to the upcoming Olympic Games.

Angelica Delgado

Angelica Delgado displayed exceptional skill and resilience, earning her spot at the Paris Olympics with a record of 1-1. Her strategic prowess and relentless determination in each match were truly inspiring. Angelica’s ability to stay calm under pressure and execute precise techniques set her apart from her competitors. We eagerly anticipate her continued success on the Olympic stage. This will be Angelica's third Olympic appaearance as she already participated in the Rio 2016, & Tokyo 2020(1) Olympic Games.

Jack Yonezuka

Jack Yonezuka’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, with a strong record of 1-1. His agility and technique leading up to the World Championships set him apart, securing his qualification for the Olympics. Jack’s journey has been a testament to hard work and perseverance. His remarkable throws and defensive strategies demonstrated his readiness for the highest level of competition. We are excited to see him bring this same energy to Paris. This will be Jack's first Olympic appearance. Did you know Jack's father, Nick Yonezuka, qualified for the 1980 Olympics but the US did not participate due to the boycott. 

Kristine Jimenez

Kristine Jimenez representin Panama shone brightly at the World Judo Championships, achieving a record of 1-1. Her strength and tactical acumen were on full display as she battled her way to Olympic qualification. Kristine’s ability to adapt and counter her opponents’ moves highlighted her skill and determination. We look forward to seeing her represent us with pride and excellence in Paris. Kristen has participated in the Toyko 2020(1) Olympics and she will be the only representative from Panama for the sport of Judo at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Maria Laborde

Maria Laborde captivated audiences with her powerful throws and unyielding spirit, finishing with a record of 1-1. After a lon qualification perido she secured her place at the Olympics, and has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her aggressive style and quick reflexes proved too much for her opponents. We are thrilled to support her as she aims for Olympic glory. The will be Maria's first Olympic Games! 

Christopher Velazco

Though Christopher Velazco did not qualify for the Olympics, his participation at the World Championships was marked by significant growth and impressive performances, finishing with a record of 1-1. Christopher is only 18 years old and his dedication and hard work are commendable. His determination and continuous improvement are inspiring, and we are confident that he will continue to make strides in his judo career, motivating others along the way.

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin also put forth a commendable effort at the championships, ending with a record of 0-1. While she did not secure a spot for the Olympics, her determination and skill were evident. Hannah’s ability to compete fiercely against tough opponents speaks volumes about her potential. We are optimistic about her future in judo and look forward to her continued development and success in the sport. This is Hannah's last "official" Judo competition and she announced her retirement via social media at the conclusion of the event. 

Looking Forward to Paris

As we celebrate the achievements of our athletes who have qualified for the Olympics, we also take pride in the dedication and progress of those who competed valiantly. The 2024 World Judo Championships have set the stage for an exciting summer in Paris, and we remain committed to supporting our athletes every step of the way. The future is bright, and we are filled with anticipation for the remarkable feats that lie ahead.

Our athletes' performances at the 2024 World Judo Championships in Abu Dhabi were a testament to their hard work, skill, and unyielding spirit. Each of them has shown incredible growth and determination, setting a positive and hopeful tone for the future. As we look forward to the Olympic Games in Paris, we are proud of their achievements and excited to see them reach new heights. Their journey is just beginning, and with such promising talent, the best is yet to come. Let's continue to support and cheer for our athletes as they aim for Olympic glory and beyond.

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